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22 May 2014



What do you reckon it would look like / feel like, if they suspended the Constitution in the U.S.? It’s terrifying to imagine, isn’t it? Good luck, Thailand.



There are a lot of things to take into consideration when adopting / buying a new pet. Sure you want them to look a certain way, but you should also research temperament, medical issues associated with the breed, exercise requirements, etc. Selecting a pet based on looks alone, sounds like an excellent way to increase the number of surrendered pets in shelters across the country; KNOW THIS. PS – While you’re at it, learn to deal with loss. I know it’s hard, but suck that shit up long enough to find someone to talk to.



I was wondering how long it would take people to remember how unequivocally racist the Washington Redskins' name is. As a District native, I know it will hurt to change our home team’s name. It will be the end of an era for sure, but remember that the Washington Wizards were once the Washington Bullets and we all got over that, eventually.



OK, well…maybe it was aliens.



The fourth internet is a scary place and where I decided to set up shop in this new version of my life and career. Do you feel me trembling as I type this, because I am. It’s dark here and I don’t know anyone.



Cultured meat already sounded disgusting and then he threw in “…eating insects.” Behold the future of meat.