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21 May 2014



Even if you forgot that they abducted 200+ girls, they’re still out there.



Cool, now when people tell me blogging isn’t a real job, I can just send them this link. Blogging is everything from entertainment to activism. We make it what we want it to be and that is why I write.



When & where can I get one, and how many organs will I have to sell in order to get the cash? Also, Blackphone is a badass, ninja name for this device, which only makes me want it more. : (



“I’m not saying it was aliens, but…” (Insert that meme here. You know exactly which one I’m taking about. Don’t front.)



Remember last month when everyone was saying that vaping (No, not that kind, calm down.) was useless in helping smokers quit? Well, JK.



It’s about goddamn time someone holds the airlines responsible for all the figurative raping they do in the friendly skies. (Please Note: Actual rape is never a joke. As a feminist, I had to say that. As someone who enjoys comedy, I’ll still write down the things that I think are funny, in hopes that you will enjoy them and maybe even chuckle. Carry on.)