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15 May 2014



Yikes, I had assumed it was possible for a while now.  Looks like 911 is showing up a little late to this texting game. Even if this method of communication is “not ideal” in the event of an emergency, it should have been available much sooner. I suppose it looks like, late 9-1-1 wears the late crown," once more. 



Concerned yet? You should be.



See? There is no constant. Everything continues to evolve, as it did before we got here and as it will continue to do, after we leave. Life really is a cruel mistress, isn’t she?



Ok this article is misleading because it opens with a picture of San Francisco. If you follow the news at all—or live in the Bay Area, like me—you’d know that, if you walk around San Francisco with Google Glass clinging to your visage, you run the risk of assault and possible robbery and/or destruction of property. Apparently, you never know when an angry San Franciscan will roll up on you, yank this contraption off your face, yell “GLASS,” and smash it to bits, on a sidewalk that likely smells of urine. Don't get me wrong, I really do love that city. Even if none of us—SF resident or not—will ever be cool enough to rightfully call themselves a local. What I’m saying is, use your new tech toy, just be careful if you dare use it in this city. She’s beautiful, but she’s feisty.



Crap, I wonder what that means. I have a feeling it’s not all good.



Don’t worry, it’s not like global warming is real or anything…