Wednesday News Links

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

14 May 2014



Oh good, people are starting to figure out that being homophobic is the problem and not gay marriage. Hooray for sanity, reason, and U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale!


Remember a while back when a bunch of doctors were up in arms about the feds digging into and auditing their billing? Well, looks like every last one of us that thought they were doing it because they were hustling Medicare to get rich off the poor, might be right.


In related news: still no clues as to who killed Pac and Biggie.


I really do appreciate it when people level with one another.


Keep spending that power wisely, folks. It’s working!


Remember that scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise is walking through the city and he's inundated with personalized advertisements? Well, the future is now--it's happening. Unfortunately, still no Jetsons cars in sight. A self-driving car is not as good--or cool--as one that flies and then folds up into a briefcase. Sorry, Google.