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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

13 May 2014



This concerns me. If it’s legally public information in a country, it should be searchable online. Smells a bit like censorship to me. What do you think?



I get that these people are criminals who have murdered other people. Believe me when I say, “I get that,” but please also realize that if their rights aren’t protected, then neither are ours.



Just when you think we’re making progress as human beings, a study is published which reveals that nearly half of the people surveyed, had NEVER HEARD OF THE HOLOCAUST.



It is a sad day in the news:



“Nationally, cannabis use was involved in 12 percent of fatal crashes among 16-to-20 year olds.”



HOWEVER, I have to hand it to Nintendo on innovation. Awesome graphics are great and all, but one day they’ll be life-like, then what? Also, I miss being able to play split screen with the people sitting on the couch, next to me. Why isn’t that a thing anymore? WHY?!