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12 May 2014



Now that they’ve got the world’s attention, they have some demands. What will our world leaders do next to rescue these girls?



Well done, Harvard. Good to know someone respects the right to free speech, no matter what it looks like. Personally, I wouldn't show up for this mass, but I'll sure as hell support these students' and their right to express themselves freely.



I know change is hard guys, but I’m here for you. Hold my hand and we’ll get through this, I promise. Remember, together we’re unstoppable. Now, drive off that cliff Louise, just keep on driving…



Feminist sex is good sex. Also, I get tired of hour-long blow job scenes and all that gagging in regular porn. I’m glad it feeds you dudes’ egos, but that stuff makes me want to yak in a highly unsexy manner, and that visual is too hard to overcome.



De-evolution has begun. Someone whip it good.



When the government forgets you (or sells your soul to the nearest cartel) that’s when you want to bear those arms, not when a kid is out buying candy and soda and you’re on neighborhood watch. Nuance, man—that’s what life’s about. Stay strong, Mexico, some of us still give a shit about you!