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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

9 May 2014



I’m going to have to say yes; we all owe her an apology for putting her at the center of the pitch-perfect example of slut shamming, on a global scale. Wait, can I still make presidential blowjob jokes and not slut shame? Oh god, now I’m confused. Again.


That’s a lot of money for headphones that can easily make one look tragically hip in an instant. Still, a sincere congrats to Dre, that is one hell of a mega-deal, which takes serious knowhow to push through. Nice work, Doc.


If this is really stressing you out (yeah you), remember that you have a jar full of quarters that you can start using to pay this extra dollar a month. Don’t worry, Netflix; I’ve got your back because you support Net Neutrality.


To quote my favorite movie, “we are all stardust.”


Actively opt out of being an asshole (even the passive aggressive kind); you’ll live longer.


And then sometimes I understand when people tell me they kind of hate San Francisco. Either way, it’s still a glorious place to be. Then again, I suppose that’s part of the problem.