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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

23 April 2014



Shit like this, is why the internet must remain free. It’s the only place we can still get the real news.



On that note: Brazilians are protesting what they say is the wrongful death of a professional dancer that was beaten and killed by Brazilian police. Seems the police mistook the dancer for a drug dealer.




And yet, the IRS expects me to bend over and take it with a smile. FUCK YOU, IRS, FUCK YOU HARD WITH NO LUBE.



Netflix just lost out big time to Amazon Prime. Though, if you have both services, then it seems like it might just be time to ditch cable. Who’s with me?!



I’m glad folks have the freedom to own guns, but putting more guns in more public places by way of this new legislation seems like a bad idea since us Americans like to shoot up public places when they lose control.



Why can’t we respect life?!