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22 April 2014



An awesome way to celebrate Earth Day would be to stop denying global warming.



Just because you are a woman does not mean that you protect women’s rights. In fact, feminists such as myself, fight regularly against woman like this Republican Senate candidate in Michigan (Terri Lynn Land) who mocks the gender pay gap like it’s not a real thing. Ladies: it’s a real thing and it matters. Don’t let anyone tell you different…even if they’re female. Look at a candidates voting record, look at what they’ve supported while in office and then you’ll get a better idea of whether or not they support women’s rights. Owning a vagina does not mean you are feminist, it only mean’s you’re a lady with a vagina.



Technology and cyberbullying do not need to go hand in hand. Nice fix, Yik Yak!



And yet, we keep willingly handing over our money to the richest Americans/corporations, hoping the wealth might trickle down again. LOfuckingL.



I did shrug pretty hard.



We should all be more afraid.