What Do You Want to Watch?

watching tv I don’t know what the T.V. guide setup is like where you live, but in my particular city in California the cable company decided to list the adult movies immediately following the regular movie channels. This only strikes me as odd because back in my hometown, the porn channels were always buried deep within the Pay Per View / Video On Demand listings and these were always positioned a good distance away from the premium movie channels. In other words, where I’m from the cable company always made an effort to protect my sensibilities from stumbling upon raunchy sex movies during my daily channel surfing sessions.

There’s no real problem with having the adult movies next to the HBO and Cinemax listings—it’s just sort of funny.  For example, when you have guests over and you’re looking for something to watch and then you suddenly stumble upon Greased Up Teen Butt, someone’s bound to let out a laugh. Conversely, it can make for some intensely awkward moments when your parents are visiting from out of town and you’re flipping through the guide, looking for something everyone can agree to watch, when you come across Tight Teens vs Horny Moms. These awkward silences are the stuff of legend, my friend. Ultimately though, listing pornography alongside the Starz movies also makes it impossible not to think about porn on a regular basis.

In fact, I just had myself a good laugh no more than ten minutes ago when I came across, All Girl Coochie Lickers while looking for some suitable background television chatter.  The ridiculousness of these movie titles got me thinking though; porn really does a number on people’s expectations when it comes to sex. It’s not just the guys either. I I’m willing to bet that porn has impacted my sexual expectations just as much as any dude’s. It’s distorting and entirely too available, it creeps into your preferences and drives itself into your desires.

A little perspective would be nice right about now, right? I think so too. How about we get a little clarification on some of the differences between porn sex and civilian sex? Sounds like a good time, right?

Let’s get to it then.  Watch the video below and join me in learning a thing or two about the difference between our sex and porn star sex.


NOTE: This video is technically safe for work, but I wouldn’t chance it if I were you. You never know how uptight some people can be, especially when they haven’t gotten laid in a while.