While You Were Sleeping

  Last night this didn't make the news:

Internet Catches Texas Senate Altering Timestamp on Abortion Bill Vote - gawker.com - rawstory.com

Last night Texas republicans tried to cheat the system and outlaw abortions despite the fact that over 180K people (like me) were watching.  They altered time stamps and attempted to lie their way into passing a horrific bill. Last night, CNN was reporting on why one should avoid blueberry muffins instead of the history being made by a determined group of Texas feminists.

THIS is why we need to watch our own backs people.  Inform yourselves, stand up for what matters and if you see shit go down, call a motherfucker out. Watching out for ourselves and our rights is the only way to ensure that they will not be compromised.

wendy davis

Thank you Wendy Davis for standing up for women across the nation and thank you internet for explaining to the government that we too can watch them the way they watch us.

Today was a good day for equality indeed, first Wendy Davis and then I woke up to this:

Supreme Court Rules On Prop 8, Lets Gay Marriage Resume In California - huffingtonpost.com

It seems we (as a nation) are finally starting to learn that equality is in fact, for everyone. Make sure to spread the word.


Happy Hump Day!



**** UPDATE ****



Texas governor calls for special session to pass anti-abortion bill

"Though Texas Democrats successfully blocked an extreme anti-abortion bill from being approved on Tuesday night, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) plans to see the legislation at his desk."

I believe the people of Texas showed up last night and shouted what it was they'd hired you to do, Gov. Perry. Unbelievable.