So I Creep...



Thanksgiving is on its way like a boatload of immigrants to the new world.


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Coincidentally, the Black Friday Creep is in full effect and you’re probably feeling like The Holidays - 2012 Edition, began shortly after you got back from the store with all that Halloween candy.  Well, that was almost a month ago; Thanksgiving Day is upon us and if we don’t stop to smell the stuffing, we’re gonna miss the whole damn thing.

While browsing today’s headlines I came across an article on about one Target employee’s fight to take back her Turkey Day.


Casey St. Clair is working on Thanksgiving because the big dogs at Target decided they wanted to get an early jump on consumer’s wallets this Black Friday. She’s working on Thanksgiving because her ultimate bosses decided they couldn’t miss out on any of the dollars that will inevitably be thrown at retailers this holiday season.  If the mega corporations have to take Casey’s Thanksgiving dinner from her and make her feel like a lonely, broke loser; so be it, there is revenue to be had.

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The economy is still struggling to come back from some serious blows and us consumers do deserve a break in the bleeding cash department. I’ll give you that; nevertheless, the American consumer also happens to work at Target, (among other fine establishments) so it looks like we’ve found ourselves in a bit of a conundrum.

Maybe conundrum is the wrong word.  Essentially, we wanna shop our faces off and get the best deal around because we’re broke and it’s tough fiscal times.  Someone’s gotta work the stores for us, there’s no way around that.  Those unfortunate souls should just suck it up and take one for the American team.  They’re lucky they have jobs and besides, it’s only Thanksgiving.  People, who are going to work the retail hell that haunts my anxiety attacks, don’t need a break just before the shit storm.  Nah, they’ll be fine.  We’ll just toast to them during our dinners and call it even.


And how selfish does that sound?

About as selfish as the executives at Target who decided Casey would have to work on Thanksgiving.  I suppose Casey should appreciate the extra hours and income potential they’re providing her.  Hopefully, strong sales will result in a strong pay increase, but then again how often does that trickle-down theory really play out as anticipated?

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Luckily, Casey’s no fool.  She’s knows that’s all a bunch of malarkey.  Casey believes that she should work for a company that understands she has a life outside its retail walls.  She doesn’t think it’s too much to ask, to want to work for a company whose executives accept that humans are their moneymaking army and their time should be respected.  She doesn’t think it’s too much to ask because it’s not.  Casey’s’ right, she should get her holiday and while we’re at it, I should get mine too.

Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be erased so we can add a few extra hours to the Christmas shopping calendar.   Corporations may want to make more money, but we don’t have to hand it over so willingly my friends.

Rich Milgram, CEO of (a career network like LinkedIn) was quoted in the aforementioned CNN article as saying, "This [Black Friday Creep] says less about the retailer and more about society as a whole. Target, Sears, Kmart and others are all doing what they need to do maximize sales and profits." Indeed Mr. Milgram, as I’ve said before, the bottom line is the bottom line and greed is good, but where does it end?  I believe it ends at the beginning of another recession.  Just because economies unfold, grow and collapse in cycles, doesn’t mean we have no power to influence those cycles.  We perceive ourselves to be impotent when really we have power.  Because we lack the size and influence to win this fight alone doesn’t mean we’re worthless altogether.


Sadly, despite penning a petition and collecting 350,000 signatures Casey was unable to get her employer to keep Black Friday on Friday.  She wasn’t able to succeed in her mission because ultimately, her holiday is just collateral damage.  She needs Target because it’s her source of income.  She works hard for the money, even if Target don’t treat her right.

Now, Casey may be screwed, but the mega corporations like Target, Kmart, Toys R Us and Wal-Mart won’t get their hands on my holiday.


Back off corporate bitches, my Thanksgiving isn’t for sale.   I won’t be shopping on Thursday or Friday.  I’m going to enjoy having my husband home.  I’m going to make my first turkey ever and I’m going to entertain.  I’m going to think about what I’m thankful for and I’m going to save my goddamn money.

You can bring your Black Friday Creep, mega corporations, but I’m not biting.  I’m going to budget my money and I’m going to scale back.  I just will not accept that I need another flat screen. Not even for half price.  Your dark wizardry will not prevail here.


I’m going to suck it up, take one for the team and stay out of the stores.  I’m going to invest my money more wisely and see a better return because I am fully aware of the small bit of power I have left in my pocketbook.

In conclusion:

Fuck you Target.  I’m makin’ pie.


                                           Happy Thanksgiving.