Welcome to Pre-Civil-War Georgia!

Wait, what?


…Welcome to Modern-Day Georgia!


So, I read this on Jezebel.com today:  Georgia Teens Fight for Racially Integrated Prom Because its 2013, for Crissakes.


Then, I read this on Salon.com, a couple of hours later: Georgia high school students fight to end segregated prom

no way

To clarify, four Georgia teenagers are fighting to have an integrated prom.  This is happening as I type.  Do not worry, you didn’t slip and fall into the Hot Tub Time Machine.  This is actually happening right here, in the year 2013.  Obama is still president and the Olsen twins are still ageless sprites. Unfortunately, this also means there is still Paltrow to be had, but I digress…

This much is clear; these girls are fighting the Good Fight and they should be getting a hell of a lot more press for doing so.  They’re branding themselves ‘different’ and are willing to stand up for what is just, in a small town environment.  You and I both know, they’re eventually going to have to deal with some sort of fallout, for having the nards to fight The Man and that’s too bad. Considering that they’re fighting to have a non-segregated prom, in these here United States of America, I’d say it’s a damn shame.

Why are mayors not giving keys to cities, to these girls?  Ohhh, they were saving them for Saddam Hussein and Kim Kardashian?




OK, I guess.


In all seriousness folks, why aren’t these girl’s names all over the news?  In my experience as a blogger and internet rant enthusiast, I have learned many things and near the top of this list is:

Racism gets people talking.  People will be quick to click, just to find out what happened. Racism’s also running rampant and always will, because some people like feeling better than other people.

With that said, I’m confused as to why these girls aren’t being heralded as the mavericks that they are.  They are being ultimate badasses, challenging the norm when it matters most and they're doing it for all of us. They are doing it for every kid that has ever been judged on the color of their skin.  So, hear me when I say:

They’re doing it for ALL of us.

All I’ve got to give are some words, so hopefully that helps these girls achieve their goals because, they’re right.  It is embarrassing to live in a state that thinks segregation is normal and necessary in 2013.

I’m embarrassed for you, Georgia. I loved you once, how could you do me like this?




I suppose I should direct this next bit to the folks that think privatizing a public school event, in order to enable racism, is OK.  You people, that are lost in time and currently contributing to the devolution of society and our youth.  They’re our future, assholes; the children…ARE OUR FUTURE.  For fucksake, Whitney Houston sang about this, all through the 80s.




You see what you miss when you attempt to banish an entire race from your existence? Turns out you miss a lot, Georgia Racists, you miss a whole lot.

I’m not sure you’re aware  Clearly you’re unaware of the American Civil Rights movement.  Don’t worry. I’ll be brief.

It seems your racist kind isn’t welcome here anymore, Georgia. You’re being out numbered and good people won’t stand for your bullshit anymore. Fair is fair and taking the right of passage that is attending prom with ALL your best friends away, is a low blow.

It’s a shame you couldn’t see past race and listen to Whitney, because the children are our future.  Your future is calling, Georgia; so you can either accept it or die hating.  Either way, you’re gonna die and then, all we’ll be left with, is that pesky future.

In conclusion, I’d like to say to Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace, and Keela Bloodworth:


Thank you ladies for attempting to ensure that my future includes a segregation-free public school system, 60 years after the start of the American Civil Rights Movement. I’m sure Dr. King thanks you too! You’re as badass as I wanna be.

I do hope you give these girls the voice they deserve by listening to their case, because ultimately, equality is for everyone or no one at all.


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