Trailer: Museo (Museum)

Gael García Bernal is back in a new Spanish language film. Set in 1985, 'Museo' is the story of a group of criminals who set out to mock the severely lacking security at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico by stealing priceless works of pre-Hispanic art. Ultimately, they pull off the biggest heist in Mexican history.

Bernal is one of my favorites and I've been sort of hoping he'd do a Mexican movie again since he stars in (and totally elevates) two of my all-time favorites ('Y Tú Mamá También' and 'Amores Perros'). I can't wait. Language really does change things up, so long as you're not anti-subtitles. Look for 'Museo' in theaters on February 22 here in the US. 

Trailer: Fahrenheit 11/9

The trailer's a HuffPo exclusive and thats annoying because now I have to embed the tweet with the trailer. Sorry. At least it's not as annoying as watching those election results roll in. Annoying is too soft of a word, but you understand what I'm getting at I'm sure. I still can't sit down and write my usual nonsense because I'm still so taken aback by what we've done to ourselves. I should probably stop there before I roll into a political rant with little meaning and even less structure.

Anyway, you know what this is about, just click it. Look for 'Fahrenheit 11/9' in theaters on September 21.

Trailer: The Kindergarten Teacher

What would you have been able to accomplish if someone had recognized your capabilities and made it their obsession to ensure that your talents were grown, perfected, and recognized? Maggie Gyllenhaal and Gael García Bernal together in one place, plus a story that took hold within the first few seconds of the trailer. Can't wait. Look for 'The Kindergarten Teacher' on Netflix, October 12. Might as well add it to your Netflix watchlist now, I did.